Specialty Shows

After Prom and Project Graduation

Hypnosis shows are the #1 After Prom And Project Graduation Entertainment.
This show will be the talk at the 20 year reunion!

The Sandman performs a great "G" Rated show for the students. (we think the parents enjoy it more)
It's a fun and energetic show that captivates the crowd and will have them howling with laughter.
You can be guaranteed a hip, hilarious and safe show through his years of experience.
Always done in good taste and the participants on stage leave with a positive motivational message.

Rally Entertainment

Bikers and Biker Babes Gone Wild!

Sandman's Rally Show is a wild off the wall performance! He'll have subjects on stage thinking they're racing mopeds
to modeling bikinis and so much more themed to the event. This show has a hard "R" to almost "X" rating.


Unique Shows for unique causes

Comedy hypnosis shows are great for raising money. A dinner or a dance just doesn't cut it. Fundraisers are events that get people involved with your cause and The Sandman gets people involved in the show! You can also "Theme" your show to make it an event to remember. Check out our "Themed Events" page .

Holiday Entertainment

Company Parties

This show is geared toward the corporate world. Events where corporate posture is observed.
A show that won't offend even the old guy that owns the company. The Sandman cannot hypnotize your employees to work cheaper. Harder, but not cheaper! So don't ask.

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