Stage Hypnosis Training

Learn from the top stage hypnotist in the country!

Do you have one week to change your life?

Have you ever wanted to be a performer? Are you already a performer looking for that nitch?

Do you want to make $500 -$5000 for 90 minutes on stage? Do you want to be your own boss?

This is one on one training...not a classroom setting.

An introduction to hypnosis. Awakening state suggestibility tests. Induction training.
Deepening techniques. Suggestion presentation. Post-hypnotic suggestion.
Understanding of the unconscious mind. Ethical principles.
Trance termination and much more.

Your performance training will include how to design your show with routines that work.
A variety of inductions for stage including a speed induction for instant hypnosis.
Forced reaction. How to design a show introduction that fits you.
How to close your show. How to design your promotional package.
Sound and lighting systems and equipment.
How to advertise and book your show. Contracting. Merchandising. Hypnosis opportunities.
And most important, performance secrets from The Sandman to make your show a success!

Training also includes scripts, audio and video cd/dvd to reinforce what you’ve learned.
Web links to photo and promotional material suppliers

Contact The Sandman for an interview. Only a select few will be considered for training.  ...  please type "Training" in the subject box.
Be sure to include contact information and a good time to reach you by phone.

Stage Hypnosis Training - $795.00