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This Show Is A Hip, In Your Face, Take It To The Edge Performance!

How would you like to book a hypnotist that you turn the lights on at the beginning of the show and off at the end of the show? hand holding, no sound tech, no emcee, no feature act, one that does it all by himself, fills the seats time and again....and sells the hell out of liquor! 

As you are reading this, venues are out there using hypnotists that have little or no performance experience.
Sometimes because they bought the act cheap. 

Think about it: They may have got a great price, but we're not in this business for a one dime, one time deal.
A performer that can build a following is what a good venue looks for. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WITH THE SANDMAN! 

The way I see it, An Experienced Performer Is Money In Your Pocket!

Experience Is Everything To Pulling Off 

A Successful Hypnosis Show!

 Honestly, most hypnotists on the market today are hypnotists,
 not entertainers. Sure they may be able to get some of the  volunteers under but it's all about keeping them under and  entertaining an audience while performing a seamless show.
 That's why experience is everything!

 You could be leaving a lot of money on the table.


 Maybe you've heard that before and you still decided that
 using a hypnotist is too costly. Things like ..I'll need an emcee,
 a feature act and someone to run the hypnotist's music cues. 

 Not With The Sandman...He Does It All!
 Again, ....turn the lights on... turn the lights off.

"Easiest hypnotist I've ever worked with!" ~ Bart Reed - Bart Reed's Comic Strip - El Paso, TX

"One of my best money makers."  ~ Paul Lane - Funny Bone Comedy Club - Des Moines, IA

MYTH BUSTED #1: Hypnotist shows have low guest check averages.

The Sandman has the highest guest check average for a hypnotist show. Better than most stand up comedy shows.
Even though he doesn't party anymore, he's still got the audience doing shots and ringing the registers.
The Sandman sees himself as a club worker and not a star. He knows his job. To put asses in the seats, perform a killer show and sell liquor. And That's Exactly What He Does - Gets The Job Done!

MYTH BUSTED #2: Hypnotists are boring.

I've heard this. Most hypnotist requires the servers to stop serving and everything and everyone has to be perfectly quiet. And when the volunteers are being sent back to the audience because he couldn't get them under, he blames the noise.The Sandman wants the servers on the floor, pushing sales ALL during the show.... "If the registers don't ring, I don't get to come back". He does ask the audience to refrain from talking during the induction. That directs their full attention to the stage. His induction is 5-7 minutes or so then it's off to the races....encouraging the audience to clap their hands and hoot and holler. He has a 95% success rate of getting everyone on stage under. This show is not boring!!! 

"Don't forget to order a shot for the shot run!".. Right off the bat he's pitching sales, getting the audience involved with the show and not just the volunteers on stage. Getting them to order his signature shot, the "Sandman Shooter", to be part of his "Toast To Our Troops". 

Why Use Any Other Hypnotist?

Here's a performer that's been on stage professionally since he was 15. First as a musician then as Comedy Hypnotist.
If you want to go BIG, use an experienced hypnotist...The Sandman... it's the only way to go. 

I Came, I Saw, I'm Coming Back!


What They Were Saying After The Show!*

(*Warning- Some Adult Language)


So What Do You Get?

An Experienced Performer

Liquor Salesman

No Babysitting The Performer

Return Customers

Help With Promotion 

To Deal With A Performer Who Knows What It Takes To Make The Show A Success

The Price 

The Sandman is always willing to work with your venue. Understanding what your market can afford. 
It's not uncommon for venues to book him 2-3 times a year. That way they get a better price. 

We look at travel cost, what your average budget is for an emcee, feature and headliner combined. How many shows a week. And granted, the more shows, the less the cost is per show. Repeat business is the name of the game.

The Sandman has been told more than once, "I payed for your show tonight just from the shot sales!"

Not everyone has huge budget laying around so unfortunately, they take a chance with any show they book.  

The Sandman is always promoting his show. Shaking hands and letting everyone know who he is and where he's performing. He sends the venues an ad-pak that includes ad's for social media, printable posters, and video ads.
All you have to do is post them. I'd like to think this saves you a few bucks too.

The Sandman Also Offers This - 


This show is usually an add on after your regular schedule. If your performance schedule is Thu - Sat, you can add this as a Special Sunday Show. The Sandman will promote this at the end of every show and the turn out for this one is amazing. He tells the audience if you think this show was crazy dirty, wait til Sunday night when I kick all the themes through the roof.

There is no nudity allowed in this show, but the themes are extremely adult and the volunteers Do the Wild!

This is a door deal - 60% of the door to The Sandman. No passes or coupons.


We know you will be absolutely thrilled once you have The Sandman perform. It's definitely not the usual hypnosis show.
Witness the show that will be talked about for months to come. The Sandman is unforgettable!.


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