Presents An All New Show and This One Really Pops!

The new music, routines and special lighting, brings the audience's experience to a level like never before!
From the time The Sandman hits the stage, until his signature finale', he sets the house on fire with
a performance that's geared totally to audience participation. The circus is back on stage!
The energy is so contagious that the entire audience will be partying.
With The Sandman's years of experience, and a little time off, he was able to step back and look at everything
with a whole new perspective and after a few months he has developed what may be the show of shows!
With routines never seen before in a hypnosis show, lighting that gives the audience a
fantastic visual experience and paticipation of audience members not even on stage,
The Sandman has produced what may be the most outstanding show of his entire career.